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We are open for Christian church and group bookings from JUNE 1st to SEPTEMBER 30th each season.  Our accommodations are not heated and as a result our group rental window is limited presently.


To make a reservation, first check our CALENDAR or our

2020 CAMP DATES page for dates already booked and then send an email to [email protected] to confirm the availability.



Once you have confirmed your date, download and print the reservation form from the link provided below.  Then mail this form to the address provided at the end of the form along with your deposit cheque.  Pricing and other information is provided on the reservation form.










The camp guidelines mentioned in the reservation form can be downloaded by clicking the following link.



To see a layout of Pine Orchard Camp's property, click on the following link.


To see our facilities, including pictures of our tabernacle, dining hall, and accommodations, click the following link.





Click here to send an email to [email protected] Camp Facilities Reservation Application Form Map of Camp Property Our Facilities Camp Guidelines for Groups CALENDAR 2021 CAMP DATES